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Cost Of Paver

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Pavers are a great solution for surfacing your driveways, pathways, pool decks, patios and walkways. They are also available in a number of colors and materials which provide you with a wide choice when considering your paving project. Pavers can be laid in numerous attractive paver patterns for different effects. A paved surface is durable which makes it a lifetime investment. Pavers can be manmade like brick and concrete. Since they are made in large numbers, the cost is significantly reduced making these pavers an affordable surfacing option. However when making your selection it would pay for you to research your options and consider the benefits of cost vs durability. You might choose a cheap paver which would require considerable on-going maintenance which would be counter-productive. It would be more advisable to buy a more expensive paver initially which would be lasting and not attract on-going maintenance costs.

Cost elements of paving driveways and patios

Your total paving cost will comprise of two parts – the cost of the pavers themselves and the cost of installation. Certain kinds of pavers are not difficult to install if you have the inclination and basic ability. If you decide to install your paving area yourself you can save a significant part of the project cost.

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Paving cost estimates

Let us try and analyze the cost of using different types of paving materials commonly used in landscaping projects. Some of the popular options are Stamped and colored concrete, Natural stone pavers and bricks and pavers.

Bricks and pavers

Bricks and pavers are mass produced so they come at an affordable cost and are readily available. On average you can budget at $5 to $15 per sq ft. Installation will cost a further $10 to $20 per sq ft. The advantage in this material lies in the wide range of choices available in terms of shape, size and color. This opens up a whole lot of paver pattern opportunities to a homeowner. Maintenance is marginal as the surface only needs to be washed and sealed about every year. They are very durable and guarantee a lifetime of service.

Natural Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are more expensive as the stone has to be quarried, cut to size and finished. The cost will depend on the kind of stone you choose and varies so widely that it is difficult to give a range. However you can expect to pay between $10 and $30 for installation. Installation of natural stone pavers is expensive because it is a labor intensive operation. Natural stone pavers are sophisticated and attractive, need no maintenance, will last a lifetime, and some types even improve with age.

Concrete Pavers

Another manufactured product, concrete pavers are available at between $5 and $15 per sq ft. Installation cost will work out to $5 to $10 per sq ft. Concrete pavers will require to be cleaned and sealed every year both to protect the surface and preserve the color which is not natural and liable to fade.

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